Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hi everyone,
I'm going to show you in this post some items that will be the topic of my next video.
Recently I have surfed the net looking for new make-up brushes and I stopped by ZOEVA's website...
I'm so glad I did, this site has an amazing make - up selection for very affordable prices :)

This is what I got

Very Croc Set (18 brushes)
30,00 euro

Sun Power Palette
12,95 euro

Take care card

Then they sent me 2 gifts !!!! so happy about it :)

first gift
Cream eye liner (which is sold for 6,20 euro)
Jardin colour

here you can see the pigmentation 

second gift
Eye definition set (which is sold for 12,00 euro)

Mika xxx


  1. :) Great deal, hm? I own the Eye Defintion thing, but this supposed-to-be blending brush doesn't do its job...

  2. I agree :) nothing is good as the 224 by MAC in my opinion, but afterall I don't mind those brushes, especially the pencil brush one.
    I really like this site, I will buy from them again in future, I'm sure :)
    PS. i hope you will be able to watch my next videos.. :( it is pity you cant :(