Monday, 18 July 2011

Best Blog Award

Best Blog Award

I just got awarded this by one of my favorite beauty blogger, MakeupMajesty
She has a really amazing blog have a look to it!!!
Name your favourite color: Black
Name your favourite song: Silent Picture Show from Unquiet Nights, 
my boyfriend's band you can hear the song here
Name your fav dessert: everything with Nutella =))) 
What is pissing you off? people who tell me what to do or what to be........
When you're upset, you... get very moody 
Your favorite pet: my laptop... ;) joking.. i would say dog!
Black or White? black
Your biggest fear is...: i don't have one in particular... earthquakes 
...aging.... sharks in the sea.... I have a few... not only ONE :P
Your best feature is... My hair.. my fringe.. it is my MUST have
Everyday attitude: I'm friendly and chatty, I like to listen to
 friends problems and try to help them out.. 
but I do not like talk too much about myself.. or either my problems. 
What is perfection? Confidence. when you do believe in yourself... 
you have it all :)
Guilty pleasure: NUTELLA!!
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