Saturday, 23 July 2011


Thanks so much for all your support!!!
Lately I've reached 1000 of subscribers on my youtube channel and this is just amazing!!!
thank you all so much for this!!

I decided to have a giveaway to thank you guys :)

As a lot of you have seen me using during my tutorial a lot of Astra Make up (which is an Italian brand) 
I decided to buy some Astra products and make a giveaway so then the lucky one of you will get to try this brand which is not possible to buy from outside Italy.

if you want to have a look to Astra Cosmetics you can click on this LINK

Now I'm going to show you the prizes.......

Now I'm going to list the rules to enter to this Giveaway

1// you must be a subscriber on my Youtube channel
2// you must follow me on to my blog
3// like my Facebook page
4// comment on the video your favourite movie 

You can enter once a day, the giveaway will be running for a week so you can enter 7 times :)

enjoy!! Mika xxx


  1. I love the new design. :D What if I don't have facebook?

  2. the 3 rule is no a MUST only if you have facebook... so if you dont have it is fine :)
    PS. the video will be up tonight

  3. Thx. I wondered why I didn't see your new posts but somehow it through me out of your followers... :D

  4. :) your are welcome :)
    thanks for entering xx