Monday, 30 January 2012 January

From my GlossyBox of January: KRYOLAN CLASSIC LIPSTICK

Today I will review one of the product I have received on my first ever January

First product 
Kryolan Classic Lipstick
colour CL101

Kryolan Professional Make up has an amazing website 

this lipstick is great
I was really happily shocked when i saw the colour (while i was filming the video)
because I'm really into red lipsticks lately 

this red is so perfect for me
it is kind of a coral red, or geranium red I would called it

(on the warm side of reds, which i love, cause i dont think reds on the blue/cold sides suit my skin)

This lipstick is rich of Vitamin E
which help to keep your lips very moisturised
this lipstick is very easy to apply and it is very pigmented
it claims to last 24 hours, of course i haven't wore it for that long, but for the normal time i would wear a lipstick this last very well on without fading (even if you drink or eat) which is great :) 

it comes in a size 4 gr, and the price is 12,80 euro

so I guess this only product will pay back the GlossyBox cost
(14 euro)

I'm very happy with this lipstick
it is my favourite item on the box


Swatch on the back of my hand

Swatch on my lips (without applying any lipliner)

here how the lipstick looks on the full look

If you have this product or any other products by Kryolan please share with me your thoughts

This is my first ever time I have tried this brand, and I really like it, actually I would like to try some other products, let me know..


Mika xxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

Kate Moss Inspired Make Up (number two)

I know, I know... again :)
I did it again, but I cant stop saying that i love her :)
so that's why I made a second attempt to recreate her Make up

the picture I suppose is from 2010
and to be honest I'm not totally sure from what magazine/campaign is from

But cause it is a long time now that I cant stop wearing red lips 

I felt this look was the perfect one to recreate

I didnt make it too RED cause I was still going out.. and I wanted to keep the make up a bit wearable :)

Hope you like it


Mika xxx

KATE MOSS inspired makeup

This is the video :)

I hope you like it

Mika xxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My last Avon Haul
As I already said on the video in this haul I didn't want to include all the Christmas's presents which I have bought for my family
I only wanted to show you the things I have kept for myself

First Item 

Anew Genics
Treatment Cream 
anti - age
this was 28 euro and you get 30 ml (i was a bit disappointed because I expecting a 50 ml size) 

So far I'm loving it
you don't need to apply too much just a bit 

My face feel so thicker after and so smooth
so far as i say i love it
I use it at night time cause it has't got any spf

Second item

Anew Youth-Awakening Lipstick
Rouge A Levres Anti-age
spf 15

such a different packaging it took me a while to figure out how this lipstick stands :)

anyway I love this colour and it is so moisturising 

here so swatches on the back on my hand
I got myself the colour Berry Bloom

it has some golden shimmer in it

Third item

Shimmering Body Lotion
from the Avon Care range

you get 400 ml which is an amazing size

I love this lotion and I was only available for Christmas

It was so annoyed filming and trying to show the diamond shimmer in camera
the picture below was the best I could do, but if you own this Lotion, you know how beautiful looks and the diamond shimmer is so pretty
i want to save this lotion for the summer 
Love it!

Free gift

Finally the last item

Super Shock
eyeliner gel

I love it

to be honest it works better for me as a cream base
or eyeshadow base
it doesn't crease

and it leaves such a lovely shine of shimmer
for a more intense smoky eyes look

if you have any of the products that i have bought
please let me know your thoughts

ps Thank you Cinzia, my Avon "dealer" :)


Mika xxx

**AVON Haul**

new video: AVON Haul!!! :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January GlossyBox (my first GlossyBox)

Today I have received my January GlossyBox
which is also my first ever

It is so cute and sweet
I love the box itself it will be handy for store more make up :)

I wont get too much into the actually products
which I have received because I have filmed a video about it
but as you might know are 5 items
2 full sized products 
2 make up related
2 skin products
1 hair product

So far so good
this first box impressed me in a very positive way

still to come... video swatches reviews


Mika xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Just some bargains :)

Last Saturday I went to town just to have a look on the sales.
I didn't buy too much though (I'm saving money for my next trip in the UK//Primark//Boots//Superdrug//H&M...etc)
but I still managed to come back home with some tops :)

This is just a preview picture of what I have bought
I can say that i have got 2 tops from Bershka and one from Zara and one from Terranova.
the lilac top on the bottom was a present from Helen and it is from Marks & Spencer
I have filmed a video which will be uploaded in the next weeks.


Mika xxx

Saturday, 21 January 2012


I made a DIY NAILS video because loads of people requested me to do it
So then I made it
I dont think to have very special pretty nails, I use my hand in work typing on the keyboard or cleaning dust etc so for that reason I keep them very short much easy to maintain 

these are all the products I would normally use every day/week to cure/polish/do my nails

Cutex Nail polish remover is my favourite product for removing my polish
Any time i go back to the UK i go to Boots to get extra supply of this
I can really use anything else this is the best and it has also a whitening effect for weak nails

then maybe once a month (no more) i use this product by Sally Hansen for reduce my cuticle

Another important tool is the nail files
I really spend loads of time filing my nails
I never use scissors to cut my nails I rather file my nails 

I always apply a base coat and over the nail polish a top coat
as it happens my favourite base and top coat are by Essence

then this time I used this nail polish by layla 

what is your nail routine

please let me know your step I'd love to get extra tips


Mika xxx

DIY Nails

Friday, 20 January 2012

Layla Hologram Effect nail polish Review

Last week I got myself this nail polish by Layla

This is from the new collection Hologram Effect Nail Polish

the polish was pretty expansive, more than  I normally spend for a nail polish
11 euro (and in the price they gave me a nail file) but still pretty over the price i normally pay for a nail polish

I felt less annoyed with the price cause in the end this polish is a bit special, so i didnt extremely mind to pay that much

I can easily say that Layla is the first ever brand (in Italy) which makes this Hologram effect nail polish
I have already seen similar polish coming from the US, but here in Italy i'm pretty sure Layla is the first to put on the market such a polish

The collection is made from 8 different shaded

I have got myself number 6 Mermaid Spell

to be completely honest I wasn't too happy with this polish
basically the Hologram effect is visible only under a strong light 
either sun shine or a very strong artificial light, without them the nail polish looks pretty boring
and cheap, also even Applying a good top coat the nail polish seems to fade after a couple of days

Would I buy more colours from this collection?

I'm not saying that I hate this product, I would love it though if the effect would be visible all the time

anyway, I'm happy that I got this product so at least I made my curiosity sleep :)

If I have to give a score from 1 to 5, I give it a 3

Mika xxx 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

just want to share this :)

This is something that I love so much 
and weirdly it isn't a make up related :)

Unquiet Nights first album (link)
is out (the physical copy from the 25th of January, but I got it a bit earlier)

and each track is an hit

of course one especially is my "soundtrack" of my channel

Nobody Wants To Know

(track 7)

check them out!!

Mika xxx