Monday, 16 April 2012

Jewellery/Accessories Haul (pictures)

Hi Everyone 
today I'm going to show you what i have bought back in my Northern Irish trip

this time isnt about make up in fact this video is for all my Jewellery and Accessories which i bought back then

Majority of the stuff (basically all) I bought it from Primak

I love Primark is my favorite show in the UK

starting off with this ring
which was only 50 p

then this one was 2£ and i love the wing shape

and also the fact that is in silver

this cute deer was 1 £ 
and I believe is more appropriate for around Christmas time
but it was so cute that i had to get it

these earrings were 50p so cheap!!!

I love them on, they look kind of rock'n'roll ISH :D

then I got 2 pair of sunglasses

thise yellow one 2£

and this red ones 1£

Love them both!

These last items were the only ones that weren't from Primark
I just got them on the plane
but i like them

Hope you like it

Let me know what you think


Mika xxx


  1. Those jewellery items are fab... love that ring... it's gorgeous

  2. thanks :) I love Primark.. do you have it where you live?