Thursday, 19 April 2012

Just a few things that I bought..

I had a discount of 20% off in all the make up section in my local COIN
so I couldn't just leave it like that, I had to go and get few things.

I didn't get too many things just a few

I've got 3 nail polish by Catrice
I really thing Catrice nail polish are the best in the European drogstore market
they are so cheap but their quality is amazing
less then 3 euro for a very good long lasting nail polish

I got 3 colours that probably aren't really spring/summer inspired
but you know myself, i don't always follow the rules of the seasons, especially when it comes to nail polish.
by Catrice I only got a mascara.

then i bought 2 things by Essence

only Stay all day Lip-gloss
and a set of nail fashion sticker

as I said no too many things..

but just enough to fill my day :)

Mika xxx

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