Thursday, 31 May 2012

My favorite lipstick collection for summer 2012

these are my picks of lipsticks for the coming summer 2012

here all the swatches
(with flash)

with natural light

from the left to the right

MUA Juicy lipstick - Essence I'm sailing - BeautyUK Naughty - Avon Shine Attract Cherry Pie - Top Shop Infrared - Christian Dior rouge dior 028 mazette - MAC watch me simmer - Mac Viva Glam Nicki

A must have for me for every season is a bright red

also sheerer shades
i love coral/peachy colours for summer too

Orange shades are very IN this season
and Infrared by Topshop does the job amazingly 

Christian dior rouge dior Mazette is my High end one
it is about 27 euro

Watch me simmer (i love it) of course by MAC

for a very sheer day 
this Avon shine attract is perfect
i love the shade Cherry Pie

and finally my top one
Viva Glam Nicki
i wish it was an amplified instead of a satin finish
but the colour is the most beautiful one i own

hope you like it

let me know your top summer lipsticks


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Favorite Summer Lipsticks 2012

pictures and swatches... promise.. coming soon :)


Mika xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

NOTD: KIKO Nail Polish 369 Ocra Chiaro

I love this colour

so different

very pretty

what do you think?

Mika xxx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

From my video MUA Make Up Academy Haul
I'm going to share with you the swatches

3 Lipsticks
one pink one peachy and one bloody red

very wearable for any occasion
school, work  and party time

each of the lipsticks are very moisturizer
and they feel much more expensive than 1 £

this is the pink shade 

this is the peach shade... which a love so much!

and there for the last we got the red *blood*

very nice as well

have you ever tried MUA lipsticks.... let me know what you think!

Hope you like it


Mika xxx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

MUA Make Up Accademy Haul

pictures of swatches coming soon..

Mika xxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

KIKO Nail Polish

Yeah, I know, I couldn't help
I was in KIKO the other day to get a Birthday present
and they were doing a offer that I couldn't say NO!

All their Nail Polish at 2.50 Euro

I only ended up getting 2

This two shades that I really love

One is number 389
and it is this beautiful turquoise
which I think it will look amazing this summer when my hands get a bit tanned 

the other one is number 369
in this picture looks like an orange colour but it is not, it is more like a sand colour

I will try these nail polish in the next days and I will upload pictures on my nails.


Mika xxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

MUA Make Up Accademy

in my next video i'm going to talk about these items


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Swap #2 with DorthyMarie

In this picture it has showed my last make up swap
that I did just after Christmas with my American Friend 

As you can see from the picture I have gotten so many amazing items

I will post some review later on


Mika xxx

Make Up Swap #2 DorthyMarie

New video with my new camera...
Pictures and swatches of these items coming soon...


Mika xxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Maybelline color tattoo 24hr - Turquoise Forever

I have received this beautiful eye-shadow
by Maybelline

the Color Tattoo 24hr

from my last make up swap with my friend from Germany
Kitty (BeautyChemCam)

this colour is Turquoise Forever
and It is an amazing shade
especially from the coming summer

It is shimmer
and has a lovely silver shimmer through it

I love it!

thanks again Kitty

Mika xxx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rome Master (Foro Italico Roma) May 19th 2012

Saturday the 19th of May we went to see the Rome Master
or the way this is called in Italy

My boyfriend is very into tennis, and I start liking this sport too
but this was my first time in a MASTER 1000 event

Saturday was an amazing day
28 degrees sunny
like summer

We got to see 3 matches

it was the semifinal
but Serena Williams retired before even the match started
so instead of 4 matches we only saw 3

Angelique Kerber

Maria Sharapova

Nadal and Ferrer

and the last match

Federer and Djokovic

Mika xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

What's in my Make up Bag (a weekend out)

Mika xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Catrice FAKE IT! Mascara

This is the mascara I have been using for the last 3 months

Catrice FAKE IT! mascara

to be honest I have really liked it
I love the brush, even though at the start I found hard to use it because of the unusual shape

but it is a very Black mascara
and also makes the lashes very hard and they stay up in place 
like if they were FAKE


I would repurchased this if I still find it around

Have you ever tried it?

let me know


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

YLIN MOOD Color Changing Nail Polish by

This is Ylin Mood Color Changing Nail Polish

this is as the name hints 
a "mood" changing colour nail polish

more than with mood swings this polish reacts with the changing of temperatures

The polish is purple
in a COLD temperature
It drys in a matte finish so if you dont like it you can always apply on the top your regular glossy top coat
and it will look glossy and the changing mood effect will still happen :)

then if your body gets warmer either cause you are exposed to the sun or
hot water.. or after even drinking hot tea

for magic they turn turquoise 

here  I have just dipped my ring finger (half of the nail) in hot water to show you how cool it is

I love this polish is so much fun
I cant wait to wear it when this next summer i will go on the beach
swim on the sea with a nail polish then coming out and lay down on the sand wearing another nail polish :D

you must check this out on 

This is a coupon code MIKAK31 that you can use in case you want to shop from

Hope you like it


Mika xxx

Color Changing Nail Polish by

This Color Changing Nail Polish is so cool!!
think about wearing it on the beach... swimming on the cold water with a nail polish on.. and laying on the beach with a different colour :D

so Awesome :) 

PS. More picture coming soon...

Mika xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

NOTD or what's on my nails today :)


this was a prize of a giveaway that I won last year
I love this polish

perfect for finger nails and toes

I love it for this season
such a Happy colour :)

It makes me smile


it is scented :)

Mika xxx

I love the nail polish colour.. and the pearls decorations are so cool

I'm planning to make a video tutorial to create a nice nail look with these stuff from BornPrettyStore.Com

Mika xxx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chickpea salad and more..

I just want to share with you
not only my lunch
a bowl of Chickpea salad (which i love)

also my new lamp

cute and red

It was only less then 4 euro

My mother got it for me and I love it.

It match perfectly in my bedroom (cause of the red wall)

and the light that comes out is so RED

like in a dark room

Love it :)

Mika xxx