Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chickpea salad and more..

I just want to share with you
not only my lunch
a bowl of Chickpea salad (which i love)

also my new lamp

cute and red

It was only less then 4 euro

My mother got it for me and I love it.

It match perfectly in my bedroom (cause of the red wall)

and the light that comes out is so RED

like in a dark room

Love it :)

Mika xxx


  1. Haha, I had a red lamp, too. One day I met a neighbour and he asked me why the light in my bedroom was red because he thought I'd sell some love there. ;)

  2. Ciao Mika grazie per essere passata da me,
    adoro la tua lampada rossa,chissà che bella atmosfera,
    e adoro anche la tua ciotola di ceci!!!!
    Un abbraccio Benedetta