Tuesday, 15 May 2012

YLIN MOOD Color Changing Nail Polish by BornPrettyStore.com

This is Ylin Mood Color Changing Nail Polish
from BornPrettyStore.com

this is as the name hints 
a "mood" changing colour nail polish

more than with mood swings this polish reacts with the changing of temperatures

The polish is purple
in a COLD temperature
It drys in a matte finish so if you dont like it you can always apply on the top your regular glossy top coat
and it will look glossy and the changing mood effect will still happen :)

then if your body gets warmer either cause you are exposed to the sun or
hot water.. or after even drinking hot tea

for magic they turn turquoise 

here  I have just dipped my ring finger (half of the nail) in hot water to show you how cool it is

I love this polish is so much fun
I cant wait to wear it when this next summer i will go on the beach
swim on the sea with a nail polish then coming out and lay down on the sand wearing another nail polish :D

you must check this out on 

This is a coupon code MIKAK31 that you can use in case you want to shop from BornPrettyStore.com

Hope you like it


Mika xxx


  1. Wow, this is so cool :D

  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have passed an award onto you on my blog!