Sunday, 3 June 2012

Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish

I've bought this nail polish only recently
I'm thinking to make a video tutorial about this special nail polish

what do you think?

these are all the colours available

I got the first from the left

Metal Chrome

I'm so excited to try this out

have you ever tried before Mirror Effect Nail Polish???
this is the first i come across with

let me know if there are other brands doing it


Mika xxx


  1. hi, can you please tell me where you bought it from and for how much. thnx

  2. and yeah Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish is similar but i dont think it is as good as layla's. also there is Stargazer Chrome 232 and Maybelline Mirror Magic in the third rank.

    1. I bought it in Coin (a department store here in Italy) Layla is an Italian brand but i'm pretty sure you can find it everywhere else as well. It costs 12,50 euro (i think yeah!) pretty expensive

      next week I will upload a video (application) of this nail polish... stay tuned :)

      ps thanks I will check the Maybelline out!

      ciao x