Tuesday, 12 June 2012

REVLON - Colorburst Lip Butter - 090 Sweet Tart

Finally I was able to put my hands on this "popular" product
I spotted it one day in my local COIN
and i was at first very impressed (negatively) with the price, but back then I wasn't sure how much this product was sold in other country, so I decided to get one first, to test it out!

the colour I pick is number 090 Sweet Tart
a beautiful bright pink
as I mentioned the price was a bit of a shock, especially when i started having a look around with other countries.

€. 14,50 each

After having testing it for a month or so I can say that it is a nice product
worth about 5 euro or £
(in the UK there are sold for 5,50£)
I'm not sure in the US 

but I'm totally sure if I say this lipstick or lip butter whatever they want to call it..

is NOT worth 15 €

it has a nice shine and nice finish, as you can see from my swatches
and on my lips

for the same money or a bit more.. I can happily get myself a MAC lipstick

This is the first and the last Colorburst Lip Butter by Revlon I have got

and you? how much it is in your country?

Let me know 


Mika xxx


  1. it is a pretty color. I think here in the US, they are about $8.

    1. it is a pretty colour, I wouldnt mind to pay 8$ but, 15 euro is like a MAC one nearly... how many do you have?