Saturday, 2 June 2012

Vegas Volt by MAC

Hi guys
probably you remember that just a month ago i have received my last MAC order

The order was mostly lipsticks

During the month I have used them a lot, getting to know each by one
and now I feel more able to actually *review* them for you.

Today I want to start with Vegas Volt

Vegas Volt is an Amplified lipstick
and I can say that Amplified is the best finish that i have tried so far from all the MAC lipsticks that i own

so Moisturizing so pigmented so long lasting
I guess to describe a Amplified finish lipstick you have to include these 3 adjective  

this is the swatch with flash

and this is the swatch with flash on my lips

this colour on  picture looks very similar to Watch Me Simmer

in real life it is easier to notice the differences

Watch Me Simmer has a pink undertone 

this one is more orange and warm

the only down side of Vegas Volt (for me) is that makes the appearance of my teeth less whiter 

for the rest i really like it

for me is a 8 out of 10

have you ever tried it?

let me know what you think

Mika xxx

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