Monday, 30 July 2012

ANTI SHINE Face Cream Duo SUN+ Avon

I've bought this product with my last order with AVON

this is a face cream duo
Anti Shine

i think this product is very different and very clever at the same time

It comes in 30 ml size
it has 2 different protection in one

20 spf MEDIUM protection
that you can get it from the tube like a regular cream

and also a

30 spf HIGH protection 
that comes from the stick on the top


I have used this product already and I can see that I love it
it is very versatile and handy to carry everywhere in your bag

I normally apply the 20spf all over my face and neck
and after this i go over with the stick covering the more sensitive areas
(around my eyes, my lips and around my mouth)

to assure a more strong protection

If you are still searching for a perfect Sun Face Cream for this summer
I suggest you to give a try to this product

the only one down side is the scent... I'm more a coco nuts/vanilla scented sun cream

this one, i cant really tell you what scent it has... but i dont really like it
the good thing is that when the cream absorbed in the skin, the scent seems to disappear 



Mika xxx


  1. Replies
    1. it is :) what kind of weather have you got in Germany now? what spf do you use? i feel that 20 is fine.. if my skin is already tanned