Saturday, 14 July 2012

ARTDECO Ceramic Nail Lacquer n.137

this nail polish was in my last june glossy

and it is from a brand called ARTDECO

It is in the shade number 137 Inimitable Khaki
a beautiful emerald green
a glossy creamy colour
(no shimmer at all)
Love it

as you can see it looks lovely and glossy with natural light (above)

nice as well with a flash light (below)

it comes in a 6 ml size
which it is the real full size
they retail at 13,40 euro each
here the link if you want to BUY some ARTDECO products

I really happy with this product
let me know if you have ever tried this brand before


Mika xxx


  1. I am not a fan of the brand but the color looks lovely on you. :)

    1. do you have Artdeco in Germany?
      yeah this colour is nice, i didnt own anything like it before x