Wednesday, 18 July 2012

AVON Nailwear pro Pastel Pink

My NOTD today is

AVON Nailwear pro Pastel Pink

such a beautiful pretty colour

the first time I have seen this nail polish was in one of Pixiwoo's video, Samantha was wearing it
and I thought..... I MUST HAVE IT :)

Pastel Pink (as the name says) is the perfect baby pastel pink

this is my second AVON nail polish
and I must say, even with this one i have found troubles for applying this nail polish

it is very streaky (i dont know if it was cause of the temperature, being so hot right now)
but i have found the same issue with my first Avon nail polish

I had to apply 3 coats to achieve this result

if you have ever tried Avon Nailwear pro polish can you please let me know if you have found this same problem, id like to know if it is me or a common issue

even thought the consistency isnt great I love the colour

what do you think?


Mika xxx


  1. O the color is gorgeous. :D I have never trief Avon...

    1. I love this colour as i said, but the application isnt the easiest one :)