Sunday, 5 August 2012

Eva Garden Nail Polish // July

In the July I have received this nail polish by an Italian brand called
it wasn't the first item i received by from from this brand
a few months ago I received a lip gloss

anyway I haven't tried on this nail polish yet
but so far I'm not too impressed from the shade they sent me
by looking at the website (glossybox) there were available different shades which i would have loved far more

this colour is a pretty dark shimmery green

first I'm not a fan of shimmery nail polish
second i dont like to wear dark green at all


maybe this coming Fall and Winter will see this shade coming on fashion and probably I will wear it at all

I will Let you know anyway...

what do you think about this colour?

Have you ever tried Eva Garden Nail Polishes?

let me know


Mika xxx


  1. I like the color. Wanna change it against a Illamasqua Base Coat I don't need? ;)

    1. That's probably bad English, right? xD Trade it in for, maybe. ;)

    2. let me try it first.. I'm not in a Fall mood yet, being so hot here.. but i dont mind if i dont like it on, i will keep it for a swap.. mmm i dont really use base coat too much... thanks anyway xxx