Saturday, 4 August 2012

FOOD: Summer Choice // Peppers Salad

when it gets so hot, like it is lately here in Italy
the idea of cooking is way far away :)
also cause my flat is really small, and the kitchen corner is basically in the living room
if I use the hub or the over 
you can burn off along the food
+ i dont have air conditioner 

that's the reason why during the summer time
i aim mostly for fresh, refreshing dishes

Lately I discovered to be in LOVE with peppers
I love the colours
the texture
and the fact that they are so crunchy

so basically last week i made myself nearly ever dinner
like this
I like to call it
a Peppers Salad

I only added salt and olive oil and you are done, but of course you can add more ingredients to the dish

sweetcorn tomatoes and cheese
also tuna or chicken 

buon appetito


Mika xxx