Friday, 17 August 2012

Nail Art using

I'm not so amazing at doing nail art
i normally only paint my nails and maybe use a different polish for one of my finger nail

that's all i do.. NORMALLY

but today I wanted to try and go a bit forward outside my comfort zone :)

and for doing this i have used two product from 

This lovely baby blue/pastel blue creamy colour
which is lovely for summer when you have got some tan :)
(I love it for my toe nails too)

and i used some of this half pearls out of this wheel
they come in different sizes
I went for the smaller one
and i have only used a couple of bigger one now and again.

i chosen to do my art design only on my ring finger nail
cause i'm not too used to do nail art

this is the result

I think is very pretty

also it stayed on about 10 days before the pearls started falling out

If you want to see the video tutorial 
of how i have achieve this look
here is the link

for more nail polishes and art decoration
i leave you the link of the website where i got this stuff

let me know what you think


Mika xxx

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