Saturday, 18 August 2012

NYC High Definition Mascara

I mostly got attracted by this mascara by the yellow bright color of the tube
also the price was very low, less than 2 euro
also the fact which was called HIGH DEFINITION
being a fan of defining lashes!

I bought it in the shade BLACK 
obviously i dont see a point in a brown mascara... it must be a black for me, always! 

the brush was very interesting, one of this new generation mascara brushes

when I put it on my lashes i was very impressed
one coat made me happy

two coats.... wow!!!!


here my lashes without mascara


here with one coat of NYC High Definition Mascara


Here with two coats of NYC High Definition Mascara

I really love the way each lashes are defined
love it!!!

let me know what is your favorite mascara


Mika xxx


  1. Replies
    1. indeed it was a surprise
      I really love it, and it is so cheap at the same time :)