Wednesday, 22 August 2012

SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish / BoogieNights // Queen of Beauty

I've bought these two polishes a month ago

I paid for each 3,50 euro

one is called

BOOGIENIGHTS and it is a very coral pink, more dark pink/orange... hard to describe colour

But i really like it on my nails

and the second one was called Queen Of Beauty
and it is this beautiful silver glitter polish

I decided to colour my ring finger nails with it

Do you like the effect?
I think it is lovely

the glitter polish takes some time to come off... a bit annoying like most of the glitter polish
but i really love the glitters
they are so shiny

hope you like it


Mika xxx


  1. Hi. I gave you an Blog Award which is kind of a German thing to say I love you. :D Just wanted to let you know because these are the rules of these Award things. Here's my post.

    I love silver glitter nail polishes. :D

    1. thanks so much! I only seen it now..
      ok what am i suppose to do...?

      can i give you too?