Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lip Combo #2 [Top Shop Infrared - Christian Dior Hypnotic Red]

This is my second Lip Combo I hope you like it :)

as you can see on the video

this time i used two different lipstick (of course)
very different for the price and the colour

one is a very expensive

Christian Dior Hypnotic Red (over 27 euro)
and it is a very dark red

I only bought it last autumn but i found very hard to wear it.. too dark and very hard to adapt to a normal everyday look

The second one is from Top Shop Infrared (6 pounds)

very bright orange/red colour
i love this colour but i dont think suits me too much, the warm orange toned of the lipstick tours my teeth yellower (which i cant stand, i dont have yellow teeth but when i wear this colour seems like i have)

together i made the best shade

what do you think?

Mika xxx

KIKO Creamy Lipstick 397 Beige Rosato

This is the second lipstick I recently bought in KIKO
along with ROSSO MELA (here you can see the review)

This is once again a Creamy lipstick finish
and to my knowledge it is comparable with MAC amplified finish

very creamy and great pigmentation

this colour is called Beige Rosato

pink beige in english

It is a very cheap alternative to Cherish by MAC (which I own) 

here is the picture

Cherish is less beige of Beige Rosato

I like this lipstick especially for 3 euro :)


Mika xxx

Friday, 28 September 2012

KIKO Creamy Lipstick 392 Rosso Mela

This is one of the 2 lipsticks that i recently bought in my local KIKO

this is a Creamy lipstick
Kiko has different finishing the Creamy one will be similar to the MAC amplified

I love this colour called ROSSO MELA that in English means Red Apple

it is a perfect shade for FALL and Christmas :)

so moisturizing and long lasting, it is hard to take off after,  it works like a Stain

For only 3 euro worth it :)

Mika xxx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Piccolo Kiko Haul

a small video haul about KIKO

in Italiano :)


Mika xxx

ps. pictures of swatches coming soon...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

10 Nail Polishes for Fall

these are my 10 picks for Fall
Nail polish/wise :)

you know myself though, i dont always stick with the rules, and you will find me in December wearing bright yellow colour :)

I heard that this fall Gems Nail polishes are very IN

so even without to knowing this i wasn't totally far with my picks

I love the 4 Catrice nail polishes (all of them inspired by gem colours)
and I love the Layla very dark/bloody red :)

i hope you like my choices :)

let me know yours


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

10 Nail Polishes for Fall | MichelaIsMyName

my 10 picks for fall :)

I hope you like this x


Mika xxx

A taste of IRELAND xx

first of all I have to thank Helen for all these goodies
me and Luke really appreciate everything you sent us :)

In these pictures there are some of my favourite "juck" food 
that i really reach for any times i'm back in Ireland!!! 

pity i cannot find any of these brand here in Italy!!!

do you know any of these brand?

let me know if any of these are sold in your country


Mika xxx

Monday, 24 September 2012

NOTD // Layla Ceramic Effect Nail Polish CE14

this is what i'm wearing today on my nails!

It is a Layla Nail Polish from the Ceramic Effect line
the colour is CE14

and it is this beautiful autumn... bloody red

It really helps me to embrace the enter of FALL :)

beautiful Christmas shade too

I think it is a very sophisticated red

i can see wearing this colour a lot till next spring

what do you think?

do you like it?

any name for some dupes?

let me know


Mika xxx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cleaning my Brushes!

Sunday Morning......

I had some time for this

my brushes needed so badly to be washed

I used Sunsilk Conditioner 
and washed them with warm water, now they are resting on top of a towel

I cant wait to start using this clean brush!

Mika xxx 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

OOTD // Silent Picture Show by Unquiet Nights | MichelaIsMyName

some pictures from the video

hope you like it


Mika xxx

My CASIO Watch

this is my second item that I've bought from my small haul in ASOS
along with my Blowfish ankle boots

this watch caught my eyes straight away as soon as I saw it!

I love black cause i think goes with everything 
so i wanted a black watch

i own a few watched but for some reasons i have never worn them for a year or so
carrying always with me my phone (where i can check the time all the time) made me forgot about this important fashion item

a watch :)

so when i saw this one with a Bright Shocking Pink dial 
(reminding me of Impassioned by MAC)

i couldn't say not

I paid it 60% off

16 euro

and I cant stop wearing it now

I love it :)


Mika xxx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Blowfish Aerin Boots

As soon as I saw this boots on ASOS website, I fell in love with them

I was lucky enough that ASOS that week was having a 50% off for all the new collection, plus a special (only DAY) 10% EXTRA DISCOUNT

Blowfish is the brand of this ankle boots

the model is Aerin

This isn't the first time i buy a shoe from Blowfish

I was familiar with this brand from back in 2009 when (always through ASOS) did get myself a pair of boots from Blowfish

I had to get myself a size bigger instead my usual 5 uk i got a 6 uk

I love this boots look amazing on especially with skirt shorts 
even wearing skinny jeans or leggings

I love the fury material inside 
to keep your feet warm during the very cold day that are about to come

I really recommend to all of you to check out asos, and have a look to all the Blowfish model that they have got available on the website

I'm sure you will get the pair right for your taste


Mika xxx 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Asos Haul | MichelaIsMyName

new video...

hope you like it!


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Just In e Case by Benefit

This cute kit was a gift from my aunt Bene :)
so I cant tell you the price of it (unfortunately) but i'm sure it isn't hard to find out if you look online.

it is called Just in e case, or just in case if you ever need to touch up...
very small to carry with you anytime, it is not heavy and it doesn't take much space
it also come with a very nice mirror

what you get?

4 things in one (5 if you count the mirror too)

1 - Benetint (which i normally use for blush, but it also works well as lip stain)
2 - Eyecon (it helps to bright up the skin around the eyes, i normally use it as highlighter)
3 - California kisses (smells and tastes like mint, beautiful gloss that helps to make your breath nicer too, in case you need :))
4 - Some Kind-a Gorgeous (great foundation on the go, it helps to cover bad spots, i also use it as a concealer)

have you ever tried this?

very cleaver 5 in one

love it


Mika xxx