Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Just In e Case by Benefit

This cute kit was a gift from my aunt Bene :)
so I cant tell you the price of it (unfortunately) but i'm sure it isn't hard to find out if you look online.

it is called Just in e case, or just in case if you ever need to touch up...
very small to carry with you anytime, it is not heavy and it doesn't take much space
it also come with a very nice mirror

what you get?

4 things in one (5 if you count the mirror too)

1 - Benetint (which i normally use for blush, but it also works well as lip stain)
2 - Eyecon (it helps to bright up the skin around the eyes, i normally use it as highlighter)
3 - California kisses (smells and tastes like mint, beautiful gloss that helps to make your breath nicer too, in case you need :))
4 - Some Kind-a Gorgeous (great foundation on the go, it helps to cover bad spots, i also use it as a concealer)

have you ever tried this?

very cleaver 5 in one

love it


Mika xxx


  1. The packaging is so pretty!


    1. thanks Madiha it is indeed and it is so compact to carry in your purse :) x