Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lip Combo #2 [Top Shop Infrared - Christian Dior Hypnotic Red]

This is my second Lip Combo I hope you like it :)

as you can see on the video

this time i used two different lipstick (of course)
very different for the price and the colour

one is a very expensive

Christian Dior Hypnotic Red (over 27 euro)
and it is a very dark red

I only bought it last autumn but i found very hard to wear it.. too dark and very hard to adapt to a normal everyday look

The second one is from Top Shop Infrared (6 pounds)

very bright orange/red colour
i love this colour but i dont think suits me too much, the warm orange toned of the lipstick tours my teeth yellower (which i cant stand, i dont have yellow teeth but when i wear this colour seems like i have)

together i made the best shade

what do you think?

Mika xxx


  1. Both colours look so pretty!


    1. thanks Madiha :)
      i love so much top shop.. next time i'm in the uk i want to get some more lipsticks by topshop xx

  2. This is an interesting way to make a dark lipstick a little more wearable for every day. Great!

    1. thanks Kity x
      yeah i really think together made a perfect shade for me :)