Friday, 7 September 2012

Lipstick (Rossetto) ShineCreator by Deborah Milano

This Lipstick is the Italian low budget answer to the Revlon Colorbust Lip Butter from the US
The brand is Deborah Milano

this lipstick is called
Shine Creator 

and as the name suggest it has a very nice shiny finish without being sticky like a lipgloss
it gives an hint of colour living the lips shiny as fresh

It claims to give 3 performances in once

- shiny as a gloss (true)
- the comfort of a lipstick (true)
- moisturasing and protection, cause there is an SPF 15, as a lip balm (true)

it retails at 11,00 euro (i paid only 8,50 cause there was a special offer)

it comes in 16 different shades, most of them have shimmer in it
only a few aren't shimmer

like the one I got myself
shade number 9

very good product in the end the only down side to me is the packaging
too much volume and too much plastic for a lipstick

here is the link of the website


Mika xxx


  1. Just so you know: The new Youtube thing reached me now, too. :D Damn it.

    1. ah shit........ really
      this is very bad :(