Friday, 14 September 2012

NOTD // MAC Frost Dark Angel Nail Polish

this is my first and only MAC nail polish, and i have to thank my friend from Germany Kitty 
she sent me this (which was part of a Christmas collection i believe out 4 different small nail polishes)

the colour is

Frost Dark Angel

Now, i don't really know why, but i had a very hard time with the application
it isn't really about having a bad brush, the brush was fine
the polish itself was very dense and hard to apply
without making the horrible lines

Ok, i'm not a Pro about nail polish, but i can recognise when a polish is easy to apply or not
and this wasn't at all

afterall i must say that i love the colour and the fact that it stayed on my nails for about 10 days without cheeping

making my nails much stronger


Mika xxx


  1. The color suits you so much better than me. :) Many people say that Mac polishes are hard to apply. With my other 3 shades I had no issues. But this dark one is more challenging. :)

    1. yeah I heard this too about Mac nail polishes.. and i would agree with you that part of the problem with this polish is the dark colour.. but still i really like it :)