Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Some Goodies from Prague (make up and candy)

my parents were in Prague last week
and they brought me something from it

they know that I love TESCO
and when i was living in Ireland
I used to enjoy any shopping in Tesco, far more than here in Italy

(especially in the Candy section)

so they brought me a few packages (more than a few)


but also they know my love for make up

for the reason they got me these 2 eyeshadows palettes and the lipgloss

from MaxFactor and from Astor

I have never owned anything from MaxFactor... so i'm happy to try these things out

Astor either is a new brand for me, I guess it is a german brand, a friend of mine kitty from BeatuyChemCam
got me once a nail polish from it.. i'm, very happy to try out their eyeshadows too

that's all for now..

talk soon


Mika xxx


  1. Oh, Prague is really close to where I live. I was afraid that we missed an opportunity to meet when I read the title. :) I hope to see you use these products in a video soon. :D

    1. i know, dont worry if i was coming any close to you i would have told you... :)
      I will surely use this items in future videos x