Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy 2013

this is a gingerbread man
which my aunty Benedetta made for Christmas day
It was lovely,  I love gingerbread............


I just  wanted to  stop  by saying  how  fast time  goes
just  last week  was  Christmas  and  in one day  2012  will  be  over

Once  again this  year  went so  fast
good  things happened 
less good  one  too
but  this is  life

I  wish  to  everyone  to  end  well  and start even better this  new year

HAPPY  2013

goodbye  2012

Mika xxx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

December Pictures

These are the pictures of my December Glossybox
as you can see I  included a  photo  of  me holding the broken eyeshadow  (this was  the picture I sent  to  them and then  in  order  to  received another no  broken  eyeshadow  next  month)

After  all  this  box  was very  good

especially after knowing that they were going  to  send  me a  new  eyeshadow


Mika  xxx

December Glossybox (Italia) | MichelaIsMyName ♥

I'm so happy that Glossybox is going to send me another eyeshadow next  month to replace the broken one


Mika  xxx

Friday, 28 December 2012

NOTD // China Glaze Up All Night

That's my Nail polish for today

by  China Glaze


this Polish came in my October

along with other 2 China Glaze nail  polish

Up All Night is a very metallic dark  naive blue

I love it  on my  nails

this polish has got  also  a  Hardener formula
which works, making  my  nails  so  much stronger   :)

also  the   polish  last  a  long time  without  chipping  

which  is good

so far (for  what  I have tried)  I love  CHINA  GLAZE  nail polish

what  do  you think?

Mika  xxx

Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Look Haul // Pictures

Hi  Everyone, these are the pictures of  the items featured on my last video

New Look Haul
(actually if you  havent seen the video yet, it is down below)

as I mentioned  It  isnt  a  big  haul
only few things but I really liked  them  that I  felt  to  share them  in  a  video  anyway

The main reason of  this order  was  a  bag
a  black fake leather studded bag

which  I LOVE

then I  added  more  items  to the trolley  to  justify  the  shipping  costs

I  added
a  black and  white  (fake  snake  material)  purse

and  two  pair  of earrings

which I love both  equally

I  Hope  that from these  pictures you  can  have  a  better idea  of  these  products, they  all are still  available  on  New Look  website

give them a go if  you  like  them 


Mika xxx

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

NEW LOOK HAUL | MichelaIsMyName ♥

Just a small Haul from New Look

hope you like it

ps.  Pictures coming soon


Mika  xxx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

Hi everyone, today I wanted to show you this product that I've lately got
I'm always searching for a good drugstore brand  concealer
so this was the  reason why I  wanted  to try  this one  by  Rimmel London


in  030 Classic Beige

It  comes  in different shades  
but I  didn't  see  a  variety of  darker  shades  at  all

after all is a good concealer  not  the  best  I've  used
but  not  the  worst

maybe next time  I will try  a  different  shade,  I'm not  sure I've picked  the  right  one for  my  skin  tone

have you ever tried  it?

let  me  know


Mika  xxx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

H&M Faux fur collar

This is my second Faux Fur Collar
I've got it in  H&M
It was less then  15 euro and  as you  can see it  is Blonde shade,  I'm  not  sure how  you  call  this  colour
I  didn't  get the  black  one  available cause  I already  owned one  :)

I wear it  everywhere
on top  of  my  leather  jacket  or my  coat

or  even  on  top  of  a  t shirt

it  keeps you very  warm  especially  near  your  neck
I  normally  wear  scarf  for  keeping my throat  cover  from the cold 

but  I  found that  these  Faux Fur  do  a  better  job, with  also  being much more  stylish  :)

what do  you think?

PS  of course  it  isn't  real  fur  in  case  you  wondered  

Mika  xxx

OPI You Don't Know Jacques

My Nail Polish for today

You Don't Know Jacques
by OPI

I've got it in Amsterdam's  Airport

I really like it
perfect  browny/beige/chocolate  shade

for  everyday

classy and  fun

it was  11,50  euro

quiet expensive but I  already own  OPI nail  polishes  and I know  that  their  quality if  very  good
so  I  didnt  mind paying a  bit  more

It  will last me  a  long  time  too

what  do  you  think?

Mika xxx

Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmassy Look [Pictures]

Coming up to Christmas I wanted  to make a Look
and  I  thought that was a good idea combined with this look a request from some of you
who wanted  me to use in a make up  video the  Rouge Dior Hypnotic Red  Lipstick

so that's what I did

here is the  video  in case you haven't seen it

Let me know what  you think


and  Merry Christmas

Mika xxx

Christmassy Look | MichelaIsMyName ♥

Hope you  like it

Pictures from  this  look coming  up soon


Mika  xxx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Liquid Eyeshadow by H&M // Copper and Silver

These  two liquid/cream  eyeshadows
are  from H&M 
and  they  were  only 2,95  each
there was  also a  Gold  one,  but  I've   bought only  these  two

I  can  sort  of create a  gold shade  using them together  blending  them

I like  this  product  
for  being so cheap  it has  a  very  colour pay off and  also the staying  power is  not  too  bad at all
it  tent  to crease  (a  bit)  after some  hours (5  hrs)

at  the  end  of the day  I'm  happy  with  them

have  you   ever  tried this?

let  me  know


Mika  xxx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Items For Light Travelling and Practical Use [not really]

Last weekend I  was  in  Amsterdam and  before leaving  I had  to face  a  problem


If you travel a lot like me by plane 
you  are familiar with this item
which are called in this particular case


well I  disagree  with the  practical  use
forcing all us  BEAUTY LOVERS
in  squeeze  the  necessity in  this  tiny  little transparent plastic bag

and  even  if you  are  away  for  only a weekend  (or  just a night  out)
it is  really a  small  place to  fit  anything  you need

as you can see below..
I try  to put all  I could
but I had to leave a lot  of stuff   out

I  really miss  those  years  when  these  lovely  "Items For Light Travelling and Practical Use"  didn't  exist

and  when in your hand luggage we  could  have carry  any  liquids  and carry  our  own bottle of  water  instead  to be  forced in  buying  a  far too expensive  one  inside  the plane..

what do you think?

Mika xxx

Monday, 17 December 2012

Unquiet Nights live @ Panama - Amsterdam & me messing around

some  pictures  taken  last  Saturday  at  Panama / Amsterdam
beautiful venue
and Unquiet Nights did  a  great gig

PS  I  vlogged  a  bit  while i  was  in  Amsterdam,  I  will  upload the vlog  pretty soon


Mika x