Monday, 10 December 2012


Hi everyone :)
Have  you  ever  tried this product  before?

I personally  really like Bio-Oil
the  first  time  I've  tried  it  was  over  a  year  ago
I  bought it  in  Boots (I  guess  this  brand  is  very easy  to find across  the  UK  and Ireland)  I'm  not sure  where  else  it is sold, but  it  is  easy  enough  to find  on  ebay

btw  I've   seen  it in a local  chemist  the other  day

It comes in  3 different  sizes,  I've got myself the smallest one  (60ml)

This  is  a very  watery oil  with   a  strong scent  (too strong to  be honest)
yeah  the issue of the  scent  is  the  down side for me

apart for  it I  really like  it

i   used  it  on my  stretch  marks and  also  i apply  on  my  face and neck 
before applying my  regular moisturiser

and   i  really like it

have you  ever tried  it?

let me know


Mika  xxx

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