Sunday, 23 December 2012

H&M Faux fur collar

This is my second Faux Fur Collar
I've got it in  H&M
It was less then  15 euro and  as you  can see it  is Blonde shade,  I'm  not  sure how  you  call  this  colour
I  didn't  get the  black  one  available cause  I already  owned one  :)

I wear it  everywhere
on top  of  my  leather  jacket  or my  coat

or  even  on  top  of  a  t shirt

it  keeps you very  warm  especially  near  your  neck
I  normally  wear  scarf  for  keeping my throat  cover  from the cold 

but  I  found that  these  Faux Fur  do  a  better  job, with  also  being much more  stylish  :)

what do  you think?

PS  of course  it  isn't  real  fur  in  case  you  wondered  

Mika  xxx

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