Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Items For Light Travelling and Practical Use [not really]

Last weekend I  was  in  Amsterdam and  before leaving  I had  to face  a  problem


If you travel a lot like me by plane 
you  are familiar with this item
which are called in this particular case


well I  disagree  with the  practical  use
forcing all us  BEAUTY LOVERS
in  squeeze  the  necessity in  this  tiny  little transparent plastic bag

and  even  if you  are  away  for  only a weekend  (or  just a night  out)
it is  really a  small  place to  fit  anything  you need

as you can see below..
I try  to put all  I could
but I had to leave a lot  of stuff   out

I  really miss  those  years  when  these  lovely  "Items For Light Travelling and Practical Use"  didn't  exist

and  when in your hand luggage we  could  have carry  any  liquids  and carry  our  own bottle of  water  instead  to be  forced in  buying  a  far too expensive  one  inside  the plane..

what do you think?

Mika xxx

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