Thursday, 20 December 2012

Liquid Eyeshadow by H&M // Copper and Silver

These  two liquid/cream  eyeshadows
are  from H&M 
and  they  were  only 2,95  each
there was  also a  Gold  one,  but  I've   bought only  these  two

I  can  sort  of create a  gold shade  using them together  blending  them

I like  this  product  
for  being so cheap  it has  a  very  colour pay off and  also the staying  power is  not  too  bad at all
it  tent  to crease  (a  bit)  after some  hours (5  hrs)

at  the  end  of the day  I'm  happy  with  them

have  you   ever  tried this?

let  me  know


Mika  xxx

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