Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Look Haul // Pictures

Hi  Everyone, these are the pictures of  the items featured on my last video

New Look Haul
(actually if you  havent seen the video yet, it is down below)

as I mentioned  It  isnt  a  big  haul
only few things but I really liked  them  that I  felt  to  share them  in  a  video  anyway

The main reason of  this order  was  a  bag
a  black fake leather studded bag

which  I LOVE

then I  added  more  items  to the trolley  to  justify  the  shipping  costs

I  added
a  black and  white  (fake  snake  material)  purse

and  two  pair  of earrings

which I love both  equally

I  Hope  that from these  pictures you  can  have  a  better idea  of  these  products, they  all are still  available  on  New Look  website

give them a go if  you  like  them 


Mika xxx

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