Sunday, 9 December 2012

November (Italian) Glossybox :)

here we go all the close up pictures of my last Glossy box

this one meant to be the Christmas Glossy box (as you can see from the wrapping paper) so cute!!!

Anyway as i mentioned on my video

(here the video in case you havent seen it)

in the last month the GB's team (the Italian one)
ask us on facebook to fill new form for the personalised glossybox profile

as I said this was a new thing for us cause before that or profile was only

type of skin
colour hair
colour eyes..

and stop!

finally I think we got the same form that everyone else has got around the world

it was a long from to fill in.. but i was happy to do it.. and hopefully from now on all the boxes are going to be more close up to my liking :)

this one was anyway :)

one product by Body Shop
that I'm so exited to try out (i have never tried a Body Shop product)

and other items that I'm very happy to try out..

probably i will post review of these along I'm using them.. to let you know what i feel

Afterall I'm very happy and exited to received future glossyboxes


Mika xxx

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