Monday, 3 December 2012

Velvet Berry Lipbalm by H&M

I'm excited that finally the first store of H&M has arrived in my city
it was such a great thing to have cause being too near to Rome
sometimes is bad in a way that you dont get many stores,
cause the capital city of Italy is just so near you and has them all....

but finally one of them came near me

I went to the opening of the store last Friday but it was hell
so many people around
But i was able to get few things.. this one of them

Velvet Berry Lipbalm

such a cute Christmas packaging for only 2,95 euro

the one I've got is a berry scent, as the name would suggest, there a vanilla as well, with a cream colour packaging

I think the lipbalm isn't the best i found but still is nice and handy to carry in your bag

nice small little present too

I like it :)

 Mika xxx

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