Thursday, 31 January 2013

OOTD // UNQUIET NIGHTS Someone's Love On Drugs | MichelaIsMyName ♥

new OOTD

pictures and list of the clothes I'm wearing coming soon...

Mika xxx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

PUPA Mascara Vamp! 400 Purple

this was a very crazy buy that I did
back a couple of months ago when I was invited at my local Sephora for a VIB night event

it is a mascara by an italian brand called PUPA Milano
to be honest I'm not a patriotic buyer when it comes to make up.. and more.. I dont know why, I guess it is true the grass of the neigh borough looks always greener 
I'm always more interested to try out not italian brands

in fact this mascara it is my first ever product by PUPA.. at least for the last 10 years or so


purple mascara

Like it
not love it
only cause I'm a black mascara fan

and even if this really show up and makes the total look more hypnotising
I still dont use it everyday

I like it but I think it was a bit too overpriced

like 12 euro

I'm sure you can get out there cheaper version of this
achieving the same effect

if you are interested to see how it is on to my lashes stay tuned
I will post pictures on my Mascara Test folder on facebook

 take care

Mika xxx

Monday, 28 January 2013

Sleek Ultra Matte Darks Palette Look





If you haven't seen my last video 
these are pictures from the tutorial I made using 


Down below I link you the video so you can see what I used and how I did to achieve this look

I really love Sleek products.. their palettes are fantastic
this one especially is very good if you don't like in your eye look any shimmer
contains 12 matte shade
some darks and some lighter that you can still use for highlight

I really like the brown and the grey
that I have used 

let me know what you think?


Mika xxx

SLEEK Ultra Matte DARKS Look | MichelaIsMyName ♥

picture of this look coming soon...

hope you like this video


Mika xxx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy Booster Blush in Rose by Physicians Formula

This blush is the cutest one I owned
without any doubts 

finally thanking my friend from the US
I was able to get this well known blush

by Physicians Formula

in the shade Rose

The packaging in my view is very clever
you get a pretty good mirror and a nice brush that you can use on the go

the blush itself is decorated with cute hears different shades and different colour

it is a shimmer blush so if you dont fancy shimmer this is not for you

but I must say that the shimmer isnt so visible as you can see from the swatch

when I use this blush I normally avoid applying highlighter

have you ever tried this blush

let me know your thoughts


Mika xxx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

NOTD // Eva Garden Nail Polish

here there is my first nail polish by Eva Garden
and not only nail polish my first ever product by this brand

I heard many time the name Eva Garden but I have never seen it anywhere..
In fact the only reason why I own this nail polish is because it was in my of my GlossyBox

I must say I'm not too impressed by this product

first of all the colour isnt one of my favourite shade, also the formulation seems to be very weak...

as you can see I applied my usual two coats 
and it still appear very sheer


no my cup of tea I must say

Mika xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Astor Pure Colour Eye Shadow - 740 Winter Lily

I've got this little double eyeshadow by my mom and dad
they brought it back along with other Make up items, from their holiday last summer in Germany

I know that Astor is a German brand and we do not get it here in Italy

I'm already familiar with this brand
back in 2011 I won a nail polish from this brand

but this is the first time I get the chance to try there eye-shadows

this one is called

740 Winter Lily

and it is PERFECT for winter I think

what I love the most about this is the formulation, very very buttery
and easy to blend

I love it

have you ever tried an eyeshadow by Astor?

Let me know


Mika xxx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Empties/Used Up of the time

Once again this month I didn't have many Make up Empties
it is very hard to finish up Make ups for some reason
the only really Make up Items
it is the foundation by Clarins...

that unfortunately for me it is discontinued 

my favourite of my Used Up Product this time must be

Go Blonder Sheer Blonde by John Frieda


Mika xxx

Empties: Products I've Used Up! #4 | MichelaIsMyName ♥

here again..... 

Empties/Used up products...

hope you like it


Mika xxx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lime Crime Milky Ways

This is my first nail polish from 


and the colour is called Milky Ways

and it is this milky colour as the name tells

I think this colour is more appropriate for spring.. it makes me think about Easter so much

or Easter eggs

but still I wanted to wear it

what do you think?

let me know

btw I bought this from


Mika xxx

Monday, 21 January 2013

NYX Rouge Cream Blush Tickled

I Love this cream blush by NYX

right now I owned three cream blush by NYX

and this one Tickled is my favourite 

I heard and it has been said in a  lot of blogs that this particular blush by NYX is a dupe (in a cream finish)
Nars Orgasm

I dont own Orgasm but by looking at some swatches online I can see that they are very similar

when I apply this blush cause it has a shimmer finish

my skin does look very dewy 

sure when you use this you do not need to apply highlighter

fantastic product for only 5 £

I totally recommend this


Mika xxx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Another brush by Samantha Chapman

this  one  is the  Stippling Brush

you  can   use   this  for  different things
applying   your  foundation
applying  highlighter
applying  blush

I  LOVE  using  this with  cream  blush

it is  fantastic
even  if  you  use  the  most  pigmented blush  colour
it  gives  the  more  natural  and pixel  perfect (as  it claims)  application

right now I own  3  brushes  by  Real  Techniques

I have a  feeling  this  number is going  to  grow  up


I  totally recommend  this   brush

let  me  know   if  you have  it  and if  you  like  it


Mika  xxx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Vlog // Unquiet Nights Live in Panama Amsterdam | MichelaIsMyName ♥

vlog time
in Amsterdam

actually inside Panama  club  in Amsterdam

the  Vlog  around  the city  will  be  up later on

hope   you  like  this


Mika  xxx

Friday, 18 January 2013

ESSENCE Get Big Lashes Mascara

I like to try a lot of different mascaras,  but I can't stand  the idea of spending a lot of money for this item.

Luckily  enough I  have got  pretty  long  and  curled  lashes,  naturally
therefore  I don't invest  a  lot  of my  money  in very  expensive  mascara

I  LOVE  the  drug-store ones
and  more

Today  is  the  time  of  GET   BIG  LASHES  by  Essence
a very affordable  mascara,   less  than   3  euro  (like  most  of the  Essence  make up)

this  one is the  waterproof  one
what I LOVE about it
as  it  claims

Leaves  my  lashes  VERY  THICK  (which  is  something  I  want  from a  mascara)
and also VERY  BLACK as well


lets put this mascara on


these  are lashes without any mascara

this with  ONE  coat  of  Get  Big  Lashes

and  finally
with  TOW  coats  of   
Get Big Lashes by  Essence

hope you like  it


Mika  xxx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

DoDo House Hello Kitty Lip Balm /

This DODO  HOUSE lip balm  is  a such a cute  little  thing  to carry on my  bag
the  packaging  is  so  sweet
who  doesn't  love  Hello  Kitty

this  balm   comes  in   different  shades  and scents
This  one  is  strawberry one   called  I MISS YOU

I must  say  I HATE  very   sticky  lip  products  and this  one  is  not  sticky at  all
also  the  scent  isn't  strong to  make  you  feel  sick  (sometimes  some  lip  products  do  make  me  sick  for   the  very strong  scent)

I  enjoy mostly applying it  on my cheeks  for  a  sort of a  dewy cream   blush
on my lips comes  doesn't really  show  up  cause  my  lips  are  pretty  dark

I totally  like this  product

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bare  in  mind
this post is  not  a  sponsored  one.
The  company  mentioned  IS NOT  PAYING  me  to make  this post  and all opinions are  my  own  and  100%  true.

Mika  xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

DoDo House Hello Kitty Lip Balm | MichelaIsMyName ♥

Mika  xxx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

NOTD // China Glaze - Vision of Grandeur

Vision Of Grandeur
is a very sophisticated red  nail  polish by  China  Glaze

the  third  of my  trio received  on  my September Glossybox

out of the  three  is  the one I  like the  least
for the  only  reason  because  it is  a shimmery  formula  and  normally  my  picks are creamy  without any  shimmer

but  still   I  find  this colour  very interesting  on
it isnt   the  classy  shimmery  red,  it  has  a  golden shine  to  it   which  makes  it   very  different   and  sophisticated  (hence  the name)

with two  good  coats  you are  ready  to go

I  love China  Glaze  formula
glossy and  fast  to  dry

have you  haver  tried a  China  Glaze  nail polish?

any  suggestions?

let me know


Mika  xxx