Thursday, 17 January 2013

DoDo House Hello Kitty Lip Balm /

This DODO  HOUSE lip balm  is  a such a cute  little  thing  to carry on my  bag
the  packaging  is  so  sweet
who  doesn't  love  Hello  Kitty

this  balm   comes  in   different  shades  and scents
This  one  is  strawberry one   called  I MISS YOU

I must  say  I HATE  very   sticky  lip  products  and this  one  is  not  sticky at  all
also  the  scent  isn't  strong to  make  you  feel  sick  (sometimes  some  lip  products  do  make  me  sick  for   the  very strong  scent)

I  enjoy mostly applying it  on my cheeks  for  a  sort of a  dewy cream   blush
on my lips comes  doesn't really  show  up  cause  my  lips  are  pretty  dark

I totally  like this  product

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The  company  mentioned  IS NOT  PAYING  me  to make  this post  and all opinions are  my  own  and  100%  true.

Mika  xxx

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