Monday, 14 January 2013

H&M Haul

These are some times  that  I've  bought last week at  H&M

One  pair  of  Black  skinny jeans   (19,99  euro)
One burgundy top,  that it  was  a  maternity  one  (I  didn't know  at  the time  when i  got  it, i liked the way it  fitted  lose  and  casual) but  yeah  it  is from the  MAMA  range  (10,00  euro)
on  the  basic line  I've  got  myself a  nice  striped  top  (7,00  euro)
black  and  pink,  I took   a  size  bigger  than  mine cause  I like it   lose  and  more  casual  

then  I've  got  myself   two pretty   nail  polish

one gold  and one  pink

(i  will  post  picture  of  them  on my  nails on  my   NOTD  soon)

and in   the  end  I've  bought the  beauty  blender
(here  the review on my  blog  if you  are interested)

hope  you like  it

Mika  xxx

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