Friday, 4 January 2013

NYX Eyeshadow Base

this little pot is the Eyeshadow base by  NYX
I've  got  it  in  last  order
and  I  paid  for  it  less than   5  £

It comes in 3  different shades
skin  colour  (the  one  I've  got)
white  (matte   white)
white pear

So  far so good,  I've  only  been  using it  for the  last  few  weeks  it  help a lot  the  creasing  problem
but  in the other  end   in  winter time  I dont tent  to have  very  oily  lids but  still
 I  prefer  this one  to the Urban  Decay  Primer Potion

far  cheaper  and still  does  the  job

some  of you  asked me  if  it is  similar  to the Paint  Pot by  MAC

I  can   only say that  I  own  only Quiet Natural and  for  what I can see the  Paint Pot  is  much  Thicker  

this  one by  NYX  is  easy to  blend  and much  softer

you should give it a  go


Mika xxx

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