Tuesday, 29 January 2013

PUPA Mascara Vamp! 400 Purple

this was a very crazy buy that I did
back a couple of months ago when I was invited at my local Sephora for a VIB night event

it is a mascara by an italian brand called PUPA Milano
to be honest I'm not a patriotic buyer when it comes to make up.. and more.. I dont know why, I guess it is true the grass of the neigh borough looks always greener 
I'm always more interested to try out not italian brands

in fact this mascara it is my first ever product by PUPA.. at least for the last 10 years or so


purple mascara

Like it
not love it
only cause I'm a black mascara fan

and even if this really show up and makes the total look more hypnotising
I still dont use it everyday

I like it but I think it was a bit too overpriced

like 12 euro

I'm sure you can get out there cheaper version of this
achieving the same effect

if you are interested to see how it is on to my lashes stay tuned
I will post pictures on my Mascara Test folder on facebook

 take care

Mika xxx

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