Thursday, 7 February 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h

Finally after nearly a year watching and hearing lots of good things about this product I was able to get one for myself to try out.

I must say even though in the last year or so (since my Blacktrack by MAC) ran out
I've been trying so many different alternative to it

Catrice gel liner
Sonia Kashuk
Sleek gel liner
Avon gel liner

and so on

Still though none of them really made me happy and turned me off by the idea of getting myeself a new Blacktrack

Most of the issues of these one above that I tried where either to smudge during the day.. having to cope with panda eyes (hence liner down my cheekbones)
or getting so dry that was hard to make a line without using the stroke technique

I think I have found the alternative to MAC

this gel liner by MAYBELLINE

is pretty much the same as quality to Blacktrack

doesn't smudge and also is ultra black
stays on all day (it claims 24h but I haven't tried it till then)

I really love it

No more Blacktrack for me

this is one does the same job for less money..

have you ever tried it?

let me know


Mika xxx

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