Monday, 25 March 2013

Collection Blush & Highlight Cream duo

Something that I really enjoy any time I get to go to the UK
is a HUGE selection of make up
especially low budget

Collection or Collection 2000 (the original name)
is one of these drugstore UK brands that any now and again
brings out amazing products

This time I picked up this blush
you all know that I'm into cream blushes so I seriously got near every single stands to get cream blush
one of this was Collection

Blush & Highlight DUO

it comes in two different shades

I've got myself only one, Peaches and Cream

and basically is one side a cream blush (peach colour, hence the name)
and the other side is cream Highlighter

This product even though was very cheap (less than 3£) 
it works really well

for both or the job

Pity it is only sold in the UK
I'm craving for the other shade too

have you ever tried this?

let me know

Mika xxx

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