Friday, 29 March 2013

Golden Ratio Highlighter in Cool Betty by


Finally I've got to review this amazing product


It was sent to me by

and it is a 2 in 1 highlighting base and a brighting eyes make up accentuates

it comes in two different shades

PINK (the one I've got here)
and GOLD

and you can see in this link

as you can see on the application that I made in this video

I really love this product it is the perfect highlighter
it does blend very well and stays on put all day
(really without creasing)

You can also see how it looks on down below on these pictures

here on my cheek bone

and here
swatched on my arm
(on the left there is the eye shadow cream and the right it is the liquid highlighter)

If you love your skin to be dewy
this is the right product 

it also comes with an handy mirror

the liquid highlighter is in a glass jar that I really love
and it has a very handy spatula 
that makes very easy the application

either if you want to use it on its own.. or if you want to mix it 
with your regular foundation to get extra glow to your base

I really recommend it

if you want to give it a try 
here is a site-wise 10% off coupon


PS: This review is not sponsored
The company mentioned IS NOT PAYING me to make this review 
and all the opinions are mines and 100% honest!


Mika xxx

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