Sunday, 3 March 2013

MAC Cream Colour Base and MAC Paint Pot

First trip to a MAC store in Dublin
less than 5 minutes (I swear)

2 items in my bag

one is the most wanted 
Paint Pot in

Bare Study

I love it, it is so creamy much more than the other Paint Pot that I own (Quiet Natural)

I really like using this all over my lids with nothing else and then apply my usual black liner

the second item is another wanted one that was in my wishes list for a long time

I'm talking about the 

Cream Colour Base in


recommended it by Kandee Johnson

the perfect highlighter for me

check out the swatches

on the left is Shell
on the right is Bare Study

You will see me using these two guys a lot in my future videos.....


Mika xxx

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