Wednesday, 13 March 2013

REVLON Photoready Cream Blush

Today I want to talk about this new product that
I have recently got from my holiday time in the UK

it is Revlon Photoready cream Blush
in the shade 200 Flushed

I was happily surprised to see that this product in the UK (even with the exchange rate knowing that Pounds are stronger than euro) was still a third of the price I would pay for it here in Italy

in Italy it costs 12 € and in Belfast I paid only 4 £

crazy isnt it?

Anyway not only Revlon other drugstore brands seem to be way cheaper in the UK compare to Italy


what I love about this cream blush
first the Colour
lovely bright pink

also the consistency

it is creamy but it sets like powder without leaving on the skin any dewy residue

it is a change for me with all NYX cream Blues which are instead very dewy

so if you like creamy blushes but you are afraid to look too greasy (in case you have oily skin)

this can be perfect for you

give it a go

Mika xxx


  1. The colour is absolutely gorgeous!


    1. thanks Mediha, have you ever tried it?
      I was thinking to get the other shades too.. This is the perfect cream blush for summer.. stays put all day