Friday, 22 March 2013

SAMPAR Essentials Peeling Equilibre Moussant

this product was a very nice surprise out one of my last Glossyboxes, I cannot remember which month it was
but I remember that when I first saw it, I didn't pay much attention
only lately I've been using it twice a day (night time) with my facial Brush (by Sephora)
to exfoliate my skin
and I really love it
to be honest the scent (smell in this case) 
It is really really strong and not really nice

rather than that 
I really like the effect which leaves it on my skin

my skin feels so smooth and clean after using it

the only important thing is that you have to wast it very well and also be very careful not to get in contact with your eyes, cause it is very strong and would hurt

have you ever tried this product?

or any other Peeling?

any suggestion for other brands?

let me know 


Mika xxx

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