Monday, 29 April 2013

Crosswires by MAC


Hi everyone today I'm wearing a MAC lipstick that I often forget to wear

I'm talking about Crosswires

this is a Creamsheen formula

which is creamy shiny and moisturising without being to heavy on the lips

On the MAC website it is described as

"A Clean Pinky Orange"

and it is pretty accurate in the description

I must say, this is not one of my favourite lipstick by MAC

I like bright and vibrant colours, and this one probably is more a "less on your face" colour

It is a spring/summer colour in my view

if you like a coral/orange without making your teeth too yellow.. (cause we all know that sometimes orange lipstick make the white of our teeth yellow, and it isnt an attractive thing)

but this particular lipstick doesn't do that
because the hint of PINK that has got

give it a go

and let me know if you like it


Mika xxx

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