Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Purple Mascara Look [Using PUPA Vamp Mascara]

here some pictures of my last make up look
I wanted to use this mascara by PUPA called VAMP in the colour purple
When I first bought it
I was very excited to try it out
cause it looks so bright and vibrant

unfortunately I didnt get a great result out of it
The formulation of the mascara is very dry
and this makes so hard the application
as in fact you can see on a close up picture of my lashes
it makes the lashes clumsy 
and to be honest the colour on the lashes wasnt so vibrant as I was expecting

after all the purple lashes are a great alternative to black
just to make something different

but to be honest I dont recommend you this specific brand
cause a part from being over priced (over 11 euro) it isnt either very good, as I explained before

there are many other alternative brands out there
with less than 5 euro or so you can enjoy experimenting new fun look with colour lashes

so have a go and let me know


Mika xxx

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