Friday, 26 April 2013

Sheen Supreme Impressive by MAC

This colour is the only Sheen Supreme I own by MAC
and I must say it is pity because the formulation of this lipstick is one of my favourite along all my MAC lipsticks

a Sheen Supreme is basically a combination of colour (of a lipstick) with shine (of a gloss) without being sticky

It is very easy to apply, it feels very light and comfortable
the only "down" side is the longevity
the staying power isn't great

but still if you like a combo of colour plus shine (without the down sides of a gloss) you must try this line

the colour I have is 


which is pretty similar (in colour not texture) to Carnation (which is an amplified)

left Impressive right Carnation

if you are familiar with an amplified you can see how more glossy an Sheen Supreme is

I need to get some more of these....

do you own any Sheen Supreme?

let me know what to get next


Mika xxx

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