Tuesday, 23 April 2013

SIMPLE Kind to Skin HYDRATING Light Moisturiser

this daily moisturiser by SIMPLE is my first ever product by brand
At first I really liked the packaging
not being a glass jar makes it far more hygienic and keeps the beauty of the proprieties

In the last few days I've been using it as a morning moisturiser
and it feels very light on the skin
without being too heavy as daily cream

also makes the make up stick much better than other moisturisers I used to use

as you can read from the box it is reach of
Pro vitamins B5
and E, both helps to improve the skin condition and also restores smooths and softens the skin

Also it contains Glycerine and Borage seed oil

and finally no colour no perfume and less bad chemicals


smile! it's simple 

as it said

have a go and let me know

ps. it is also very affordable


Mika xxx

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