Wednesday, 8 May 2013

AVON Speed Dry +30 Nail Polish in Mambo Melon

here today I've got a nail polish of the day

and today as well is AVON

Speed Dry +30

which claims to day in 30 seconds... (and it is true!)

the colour I'm wearing is called 

Mambo Melon

and when I picked it up by watching the picture on the little Avon book

I thought it was a creamy polish

but I was surprised to see that it was shimmer instead

I'm not a huge fan of shimmer nail polish (at all)

but for some weird reason I seem to like this one

the shimmer doesnt bother me too much

it actually makes the nail polish far more interesting

as you can see when it catches the light 

the colours become so special

perfect shade for summer

give it a go


Mika xxx

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